Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Love Them

Love Them!
Camping at the Blue Mountains.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Barns and Buildings

This is in front of my mom's barn.

 This is a neat set of buildings we pass in a little town on the way to school.   I should have posted a picture from the front because the buildings a sinking and the sidewalk is still up, but geez I need a wide angled lense for that to be easy.
 I haven't wanted to stop and take a few pictures but I always forget.  This was the last day of school back in May.   We took a couple minutes to snap a couple.  There's even a horse shoe over the door.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring Fling

So a big mash up of spring things.
This was Maya's first time to play soccer, she has longed to try it but I have held her off.  She joined a team that played together in the fall, and she knew nothing....
She scored 1 goal her first game then by a couple of games in she had it down and was doing great!  She scored 3 goals at her last two games and is ready to go in the fall.   On the bright side there was only one game with all 4 seasons in 1 hour so I can't complain.

 So I found this "bug" but it took me a minute to realize it was a bug emerging from another bug.  I took a ton of pictures and video.  It was pretty dang cool.   Looks like a cicada bug to me.

 Our red hummer, normally they come and leave, which is fine because they really really don't like to share.

 More soccer action!
 NOt to be left out, there was a soccer shirt from a cousin, some pink shin guards and shoe's 3 sizes too big, but it doesn't matter to him!
 This is two of the hummer's taking a bath in the rain.
 Our yellow flowers int he woods are starting to open up.

 He figured out if you wear gloves your hands don't hurt if you have to put them down during a crash.
 This is Benjamin "jumping".   he is in an english saddle but the stirrup irons are big so it's hard to keep them turned right.   He is standing on his toes....... lots of work to do on his form over jumps.
 Maya's first time jumping this spring.  She also needs to fix her position but look how cute that pony is!

 Poor Poor Maya.  She has had to have 6 teeth pulled so far to make room for 4 teeth.  She was able to loose 2 on her own.  So total that's out teeth out to fit in 4.   She couldn't get this one out in time and it turned sideways and got stuck, so off to the dentist.......

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Snow to Sun

Could not get him to NOT make this face

She looks like a Vampire with the missing teeth

Now we were up to 80 degree's but a couple of days before we were in the snow!

NEWBORNS!   baby praying mantis, they just started hatching out, tinier then my pinky nail and soooo cute

Here is our little Blue Bird, not sure where their home is but they have been hanging out a lot.
When his wife came over I guess this is how he was telling her to now keep watch while we went off (there was no kinky stuff going on)
Here she is, not so bright and pretty but love the way they sound.
So we were driving home, we had already seen one moose and a bunch of Elk.   Right a long the road was this sad looking young moose.  It walked away from us but I wanted it to turn it's head so I whistled at it.  Well wouldn't you know it came all the way back to our car and right up by Maya's window.   We are guessing someone fed it this winter and must have whistled because that's just not normal.
Waving standing up on my mom's big draft horse
If one does it they both do it!
Finally Finally I signed her up for soccer.   She has wanted to play for a few years but I just haven;t wanted to do it.  She was the only new person on the team, they had all played together int he fall.  She has also never played, but made a goal at her first game, and LOVES it!
This is the goofiest kid!
Here was the snow day in May, actually I think it was the end of April.

Yep there he goes with NO training wheels.  He just turned 3!  I think back though and Maya was 3 as well.  He has her old Hello Kitty basket, do you know they don't make baskets for boys, kind of sad, it's fun to put stuff in them.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blogger Hates Me!

So I have now had all my comments come back from blogs.  They end up in my yahoo spam and delivery failure.  I have no idea why.   It started out with just  1 blog (Melinda), I think they went thru to (Hannah) but all others have come back.  Not sure how ling this has happened and I just caught it.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

All I want for Easter is my two ( adult rabbit) Teeth

FINALLY Maya got to actually loose two teeth on her own.   The dentist pulled out the 4 bottom ones last year to make room for her two adult bottom teeth, which were coming in behind the baby teeth, yuck!
This front ones have been loose for a while, I was really hoping she would get them out, I didn't want teeth coming in from behind again.
Daddy pulled out one and she pulled out the other one the next day.

 I was taking these to make a Birthday card for my mother in law, she LOVES the Gonzaga Bulldogs.  I just meant to take one of them together, but then they got wild, I have so many weird and crazy pictures, but here are some highlights.